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We’re committed to our work, drive and enthusiasm for learning. Your work means as much to us as it does to you. We want to offer you the best solution tailored to your needs. We’re one of the most rapidly growing brands and what we offer is designed for growth. We’re ambitious, honest and global. We think big and act accordingly.


At Dem Industrial, the values we share guide our work. They help us achieve our objectives and form the foundations of everything we do.


We understand our clients’ business. We listen and learn. We focus on finding the solution and adding value. We deliver on our commitments simply, clearly and quickly.


We want to resolve our clients’ problems without compromising on honesty and integrity. We collaborate with ease and achieve good results through teamwork and dialogue.


We are competitive, and constantly improving, but we admit to our errors, correct them and learn from them. We are committed, dedicated to our work and results oriented.


We distribute a wide range of electrical and electronic components for industrial automation made by the world’s leading parts manufacturers.


We offer a wide range of new, reconditioned, repaired or exchanged products for industrial control and automation.

Engineering projects tailored to our clients

In a sector that is constantly changing, we help our clients find the perfect solution for their control and electrical panels.

We offer a made-to-measure service, which is flexible and optimal throughout the life cycle, from the design and manufacture to the assembly and operation phases, because we take each company’s requirements and specifications into account.

We collaborate with leading manufacturers of electrical materials and enclosures to ensure the highest quality standards in everything that we do.

We respond precisely and quickly to support your business. We ensure we fulfil your conditions and specific expectations by efficiently using technical and human resources.

We offer you complete reassurance, an efficient flow of materials and maximum availability throughout the world.

It is our goal to be your engineering project partner.

Engineering for electrical panels

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