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Purchase conditions

Payment methods and currency

Payments should be made in Euros (€). We offer two payment methods: bank transfer and direct debit (the latter is only available for Spanish clients).


Each quote specifies the estimated delivery time. This will depend on the location of our supplier, the type of material and its weight and dimensions.

The client can collect the order once it arrives in our warehouses or we can make the delivery using our transport account, which involves an additional cost specified in the quote.

This cost will vary depending on the location of the addressee, the urgency in needing to receive the material and its weight and dimensions.

DEM Industrial will only assume liability if any incident occurs during the delivery if the client opts to proceed with the delivery by means of our transport account.

Order not received at destination

Several reasons beyond the reach of DEM Industrial can mean that it is not possible to deliver the material requested in the time detailed on the quote:

  • Transfer not received. If the client has to pay in advance and we have not received payment of the invoice amount in our bank account, we will get in touch with the client. This can slightly affect the delivery time for the order.
  • Product temporarily out of stock. If a product is out of stock, we will have to wait until our provider receives a new delivery of said product. Should this occur, we will keep the client informed at all times. If the client considers that the delivery time increases substantially, they will be entitled to cancel the order and will be reimbursed the total amount paid if the payment was made in advance.
  • Product not available or discontinued by the plant. If, at the time of processing an order, the product is no longer available or has been discontinued by the manufacturer and this means that we cannot provide it, we will offer an alternative to that quoted wherever possible. If this is not possible, the client will be fully reimbursed if payment was made in advance.
  • Material lost or delayed delivery. DEM Industrial provides the client with a tracking number for each order that leaves our warehouse, therefore keeping the customer informed of the location of the material at all times. It might be the case, although it is not very common, that transport companies incur in some delays to the planned order delivery date. This may be due to an internal situation of the courier or to a customs process. In any event, DEM Industrial assumes no liability for said delay.

Although unlikely, a case may arise where the transport company may lose the material during delivery. In this instance, DEM Industrial will only assume liability for said loss if the customer opted to proceed with delivery by means of our transport account.

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