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Resolve any individual driving task in low and medium voltage ranges or in direct current, with our servomotors, servo drives, frequency converters, motors, couplings and strong, affordable and reliable reducers for virtually all sectors and fields of application.

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Resuelve cualquier tarea de accionamiento individual en los rangos de baja y media tensión en corriente continua, con nuestros servomotores, servo drives, convertidores de frecuencia, motores, acoplamientos y reductores fuertes, asequibles y fiables para casi todos los sectores y campos de aplicación.

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Frequently asked questions and problem-solving

Would you like to find out more information? We’ve gathered the answers to the most frequently asked questions here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please email us your query.


All of our products and services have a 12-month warranty.

Yes, all the time, and when there are no restrictions or special licenses for exporting/importing the product.

We offer you different delivery services with different rates and delivery timeframes, to adapt to your needs.

You decide. Delivery from 24 hours across Spain, up to 3-4 days to Mexico from Spain.

You can pay by bank transfer or via PayPal and in Euros.

Applying for a commercial loan is straight-forward and you can get it provided that the account is authorised by our payment insurance company.

The parts exchange service is a service that consists of supplying a remanufactured unit with 12 months warranty and payment after receiving the faulty unit from the client and ensuring it can be repaired.

We want to make things straight-forward for you. That’s why we give you 12 months to repair, replace or make your returns, but remember that returns will only be permitted if accepted by the manufacturer and there may be costs involved.

If you need more information, call us or write to us at sales@demindustrial.com

All of our items are subject to thorough quality controls, if you think your product is faulty, call us or write to us at sales@demindustrial.com

If the damage occurred during delivery, you should state any visible damage at the time of delivery on the delivery note.

In the event of damages that are not visible, please contact us as soon as possible. We remind you that all of our products have at least 12 months warranty.

You can exercise your right to withdrawal, by sending an email to sales@demindustrial.com or calling your account manager, who will confirm whether it is possible, after cancelling the order with the supplier.

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